All Gift Ideas for the Birthday of a Man or a Woman

gift ideas for him and her 2020

It is the birthday of a man or a woman and you have no idea what to give them, do you?

But here we are!

We’ll help you to dust off the problem.

Look in this list the most “right” gift ideas for both!

Perfect Gift Ideas for a Man’s Birthday

“A man is always more difficult, no tricks, no handbags blah blah blah blah…”

It’s not true!

There are so many gifts for men and we tell you all of them here 🙂

Cheap birthday gifts

There are many cheap items that you can give to a man: here you will find those from 3 to 30 euros, useful, fun, and cute!

Do you want another low cost? Look at all the cheap gifts for those who want to make a nice gift but at a low price.

Ideal Gift Ideas for a Woman’s Birthday


Ok, you don’t have much budget but you still want to give her a nice gift, may be useful and if possible fun.

Here are some gift ideas from 3 to 30 euros: the curling iron is a great محل هدايا, useful and cheap. Even the brush for facial cleaning costs less than you think; talking about brushes, there is a Babyliss round one that rotates electrically and blows hot air, perfect for the crease without effort. Want to give her the latest beauty novelty? The black mask for the face, phenomenal, leaves the skin clean and smooth as that of a child.

A gift that she will surely like is a jewel, and who said you have to spend so much? For example, there are beautiful bracelets around 20 euros that will make you look good!

Maybe you prefer to give her a cell phone cover, or a kitchen accessory like the meat thermometer. Maybe you prefer a pair of garden gloves? Or sports pants for only 5 euros, or even a pineapple peel for 4 euros?


Something original but also very comfortable: the mini handbag straightener, which will save her on wet evenings when her hair has to be kept at bay!

If she loves to decorate her house here is a shower of three-dimensional butterflies for the wall, or a full moon clock that lights up at night. Do you love to cook? Here are some very original silicone molds for poached eggs. The most fun ever is Angry Mama, the puppet that cleans the microwave by letting the steam out of your head! Beautiful…

Do you always have cold feet? A foot warmer is for her.

And if she often wears leggings, play with irony and give her batman’s ones. For a woman who is also a superhero!

Fashion Gifts

There is a myriad of ideas about women’s clothing and accessories: for example, a dress that reflects her tastes, a black leather jacket, or a colored pashmina.

Do you prefer accessories? Then think about a bag, a wallet, a glasses holder or a makeup organizer, a travel beauty case, or a suitcase.

gift ideas about beauty and make-up for a woman’s birthday

Obviously a piece of jewelry will win over any woman, so look through the earrings, bracelets, and necklaces if there is something she might like.

Consider also gifts related to beauty: a set of makeup brushes, a hair straightener, a lamp for semi-permanent nail polish, a palette of eye shadows, or the mask that everyone wants, the precious black mask from the East.

Many other ideas of this kind are on the page that contains the complete list of gifts for women, give it a look.

Gifts woman sport

For her too, the activity tracker bracelet will be the most beautiful gift: with the smart alarm clock that vibrates when sleep is lighter, waking up will no longer be so traumatic.

Gifts for a woman’s birthday: ideas for sport

It also monitors activities throughout the day, controls the duration and quality of sleep, communicates the achievement of daily goals, and if you want to monitor the heartbeat. A personal arm trainer!

If he runs you can give him a breathable technical jersey, compression pants, and a belt for runners.

A pair of earphones with a specific design for athletes will be a great gift like Buy Perfumes From KSA متجر عطور, maybe together with an iPod shuffle.
Gifts woman kitchen

Do you love to cook? Then a funny apron will do the trick! Maybe you can combine it with a fondue set, or a steamer, bread maker, or food processor.

The set of knives is always a perfect gift for an experienced cook, there are also some with special designs. And if she is crazy for sweets then a cake stand and a siphon for foams. Ale very useful gift ideas in the kitchen are the scales for food and the top that thaws. birthday gift for a woman who loves the kitchen

The juice extractor and the herbal teapot with filter are other very appreciated gifts, but if you are almost a chef, then give him the granite mortar and maybe a spice rack!

Outside the kitchen, you can think of funny pillows, for example in the shape of a cookie, or an electronic frame where you can put all your photos together 🙂

Look also at a wall clock, an original bottle holder, a cupcake-shaped USB flash drive, the drone that cleans the floor itself, or a gardening set.

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